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Mockumentary and Movie Ideas


Summary: To quickly and powerfully promote the major upgrades it would might helpful to produce first a mockumentary, and then a feature movie. Both would include fictional elements and drama, in order to stimulate and entertain. The mockumentary would have much of the focus on the ideas and methods. The movie, however, would have more plot and characterization, so as to engage a younger, broader audience.

The Group Genie Mockumentary

The mockumentary would be about a fictional west coast creativity firm called Group Genie. In the story, this small firm of exceptionally bright young people is the industry leader for creating new inventions and processes—on demand. However, after a news story about creativity firms that features Group Genie, the CEO’s wife and teenage daughter are kidnapped. A ransom note appears, demanding not millions of dollars, but a plan and methods to improve the world in two months—or Alea and Chelsea will be killed. While the FBI attempts to track down the kidnappers, presumably an eco-terrorist group, Group Genie begins to work up a plan.

They proceed to invent all of the upgrades listed here. Hal, the CEO and the genies feel optimistic, that is until the ideas are presented to test groups. While people accept that the methods will work, they have deep seated doubts that the world can be changed (since there’s always been wars and suffering, there will always be wars and suffering.)  Hal and the genies realize that they are only half done, as they race to figure out the upgrades that will address people’s doubts, false “saviors” and their erroneous expectations. Meanwhile, for perhaps the first time in his life Hal cannot control the situation, and it’s pointed out that the fear and anxiety he feels is what millions of poor people on the edge of survival feel every day of their lives.

In the end, they make the deadline. Alea and Chelsea call from somewhere in rural Georgia to say they’re free. Group Genie organizes a celebration for their return. However, when the FBI interviews the mother and daughter, they confess that they kidnapped themselves.—Months earlier Chelsea had learned in school of all the growing economic and environmental problems, and came home and said, “Why can’t Dad’s company fix this? Alea knew that Hal would be too profit-oriented to take on the project, unless he was compelled.

In an epilogue we learn that Alea’s act damaged Hal’s trust in her, and so it stressed marriage. Hal, however, was eventually able to forgive her and Chelsea. They also were fined and had to do community service for the fraud, and for using police and FBI time. Also, Hal and the genies, since they were all already millionaires, turned Group Genie into a nonprofit think tank.

Movie Concept: “The Genius Girl Who Saved the World”

Margo Cortez is a 14 year old girl who has a photographic memory. She relies on that to get good grades, but is otherwise an unmotivated student. That is, until she meets Peter, a transfer student, who she falls for. First she uses her memory powers to quickly learn subjects that Peter likes, especially ecology, but her classmates out her, and Peter angrily rejects her.

For summer vacation Peter goes off to be a counselor at Boy Scout camp. She goes with her parents to the beach. They are getting divorced because her father re-met the first love of his life, and her mother somewhat graciously but also recognizing what’s what decides to let go amicably. On the vacation, Margo befriends an eccentric security guard who has all these ideas and upgrades to change the world. His work had been spurned, partly because he was Muslim, and partly because he was eccentric. He realizes that she can learn the upgrades and claim them as her own, and she would become a sensation, a genius girl. He tells her that she can save the world Peter loves, and maybe win back Peter, but this time she must share the upgrades for their own sake, for the good they could do for everyone.

She shares the first upgrade at a town hall meeting with a senator present. She gets a small write-up, and later shares more powerful upgrades at increasingly bigger venues, such as an Oprah-like TV show.

However, the followers of a strange Indian swami who claims to be the savior of the world, feel threatened by news that she is going to reveal a global plan. On the way to the White House where she describes the second half of the superprogram concept, she is intercepted and narrowly escapes, though wounded. Meanwhile, the swami’s followers have learned that it was really the security guard’s ideas, and they blow up his house, fatally wounding him. In a deathbed scene Margo promises to finish delivering the details of the guard’s plan and upgrades. She does so at the White House. The president had initially promised to protect her and her family, and she is looking forward to meeting Peter. But after finishing her work she realizes that even the United States Government cannot protect her against the fanatics. She and her family must go into a witness protection program far away.

In the last scene Peter is at college getting dumped by one girlfriend. A blonde bumps into Peter and mysterious tells him Margo sent him a message that she will deliver behind a tall oak tree that has a niche in it. (Margo was a brunette.)  At the tree Peter quickly realizes that it’s Margo. Margo pretends she’s not herself, but tells him she has a message from Margo: Margo had always loved him, and sent her to give him a kiss.

: The Genius Girl Treatment is written. The mockumentary is only in outline form.


Plans and Needs: Find a volunteer screenwriter or group to create the scripts. Launch the mockumentary first, since it can be done on a very low budget, with bright grad students playing most of the genie roles, since they are mainly explaining the upgrades. The mockumentary would need a few actors, in the roles of Hal, Alea and Chelsea.


Potential impact: Both vehicles could educate people as to the nature of the upgrades, and the potential good they could do. Both vehicles can make use of drama to keep viewers engaged.


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